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US-Mexico Relations, COVID Updates, & More Good News for Good Friday | Donald Trump White House Briefing Today

US-Mexico Relations, COVID Updates, & More Good News for Good Friday | Donald Trump White House Briefing Today

Happy Good Friday from Liberty Tee Shop!

Today's Coronavirus White House Briefing was filled with positivity, Jesus, and hope. (Not the Obama Bin Laden kind).

Finally, a man in the white house who loves God and America.

Here's a breakdown of only what you need to know from President Trump's COVID-19 White House Briefing.



"Today is Good Friday, and this Sunday millions of Christians celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At this holy time, we pray that god will heal the sick, comfort the heartbroken, and bless our heroes.”


  • President Trump struck a deal with Mexico on oil production.
    • Seeing as there is a surplus of oil and not enough demand and Mexico's economy relies heavily on oil, Mexico agreed to reduce oil output by 100,000 barrels per day if America cut back oil production of 250,000 barrels per day. 
    • Mexico agrees to reimburse America at a future date.

  • 27,000 Mexican soldiers are stationed at the US/Mexico border to prevent illegals from crossing.

  • The border wall is now 168 miles long.

  • Due to the American people following mitigation guidelines, less hospital beds are being used.

  • New Orleans & Detroit have begun to stabilize. Cases in the Metro NYC are are flattening substantially.

  • President Trump is expediting aide to American farmers by utilizing all assets at his disposal to provide $16 billion to relieve American farmers, producers, and ranchers impacted by COVID-19.

"We must keep supply chains moving... We're going to help out our farmers."

Medical Front Updates

  • 2 major shipments of Hydroxychloroquine are being sent to the hardest hit cities.

  • At the moment, all governors have all of the medical supplies they requested and are prepared for the surge.

COVID-19 Testing Updates

  • Over 2 million tests have been completed in America. 100,000+ tests are being completed daily.

  • Blood based tests are being introduced to the market shortly with the purpose of determining which Americans have already had the virus and are now immune. The MIC, CDC, & FDA are validating these tests before they are released.

  • Thousands of ventilators are being produced for immediate use as well as to build the federal stockpile. Once these requirements are met, ventilators will be sold to other countries.

Economic Updates

  • The last 4 days on the stock market have experienced the largest market increase in over 50 years.


  • COVID-19 cases in the United States are starting to level out.

  • This is due to the improvement in NYC as a result of NY, CT, & NJ following the mitigation guidelines.

  • Mortality in the United States is significantly less than that of other countries when population is taken into the equation.

  • The federal government is taking what CA, WA, & OR did to prevent a spike and applying it to other parts of the country.



  • Although leveling off is happening, it is not the time to feel that since we've made an advance, we need to pull back.

  • Americans need to continue following the mitigation guidelines.

  • Dr Fauci then commended governors from central parts of the country who are committed to make sure that their states don't have spikes.



“On this good Friday, we remember those who lost their lives to the Coronavirus.”


  • The Coronavirus Task Force is working with the FDA to expand the ability of testing.

  • The federal government will have antibody test shortly to determine if Americans ever has COVID-19.

  • Operation Air Bridge has 26 completed flights. 4 flights are expected to arrive today, and 54 more flights are scheduled to provide supplies to America from around the world.

  • The Vice President also strongly encouraged religious Americans to not congregate this Easter Sunday.

"Wherever two or more are gathered, Jesus is there also." 

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