About Us

A Portion of Every Sale Goes to Patriotic Causes! ❤️🎗️

About Us


Liberty Tee Shop was founded in 2018 by a bunch of hardcore American patriots who love beer, guns,  and Freedom. We started making designs for us to wear ourselves... But after a few of our designs went viral, we knew we had something special here. So after brainstorming over 8 coffees and 3 trips to the local gun range, we put together a genius 3 part marketing plan...

Phase 1: Create the Most Patriotic Apparel Possible
Phase 2: ???????
Phase 3: Profit!

From then on, we decided to focus our energy into producing great designs and handpicking the coolest gear and offer them on our website. Our mission is to deliver some of the American-est, most Patriotic apparel in the world, straight to your front door (or barracks). Unhappy with your product? We'll take it back! We back everything with a 90-day return policy.

Our Mission

We believe that you should be proud of who you are and not apologize for your love of country and love for your military. We want to bring that American spirit and instill it in every item we create. You don't have to be a veteran or a first responder to wear our designs, but you do have to love Freedom!

With all this divide going around our country, we want to promote togetherness among all Americans as Patriots under our common flag.

We're always adding new products and working hard to find new gear that true Americans will appreciate. Join us, don't take yourselves too seriously and let freedom ring!

Charitable Giving

At Libertee Shop, we love giving back; a portion of every single sale goes to charities and causes we believe in.

We support initiatives that take Pride in Self, in Military and in Country. Libertee Shop seeks to work with organizations that generate a positive, meaningful impact within the Veteran, active military, and First responder communities and the families that serve alongside them.