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2020, The Most Important Election Year of All Time: Here's Why

2020, The Most Important Election Year of All Time: Here's Why


November is fast approaching, and with it… Election Day! 

But while the Presidential Election is always a hugely important affair, this election is possibly the most important in our lifetimes.  

That’s not an exaggeration: It's just a fact.  

Let’s break down exactly why this year may be a critical election not just for us, but for America’s long-term future:


To our collective sadness, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has recently passed away. But as a former Supreme Court justice, her death has left an open spot for a new appointment. 

As you likely know, the president has the power to nominate/appoint the new justice, provided the nominee is approved by Congress. The Supreme Court shapes interpretation of the Constitution and any new laws passed.

While Trump will almost certainly push through his candidate for the Supreme Court, it’s important that he wins the election to see his nominee through to the end. This way, a Democratic president can’t remove her before she’s confirmed by Congress.

3. Coronavirus Isn’t Gone… Yet

While the coronavirus may be on the downturn and things are slowly starting to look up, it’s not totally gone. In fact, it may be another entire year before life fully returns to normal as we remember it.  

We’ve already seen strong leadership from Donald Trump so far, and we Americans have demonstrated the wisdom of not changing presidents during a crisis multiple times throughout history; FDR and George W. Bush are just a few examples. 

COVID-19 certainly counts in our eyes! Whoever wins the presidency will be in charge of leading the country out of the Coronavirus recession. 

It's no secret that Joe Biden is undoubtedly not up to the job, which only increases the importance of this election. 

2. Decennial Redistricting

As if 2020 wasn’t already critical enough, the decennial redistricting process – which only occurs every 10 years along with the census – has landed on this election cycle.

The party in charge of the Oval Office and Congress over the next year will be able to redistrict states and counties according to their goals.

Needless to say, this can impact the makeup of the House of Representatives, which itself can have a big impact on what legislation is written and passed over the next decade. 

Thus, it’s more crucial than ever that Republicans secure the presidency so we have the momentum to also win the upcoming representative elections!

1. China is on the Rise

There are international stakes to this election as well.

China is on the rise in more ways than one, and they’re looking to usurp the United States as the dominant world power

If we don’t want this to happen, we need a president willing to play hardball with China and who won’t let them push us around. That’s not Biden. It’s Trump.

Ultimately, getting Trump re-elected is supremely important.

This election is one that Republicans and patriotic Americans everywhere cannot afford to lose.  

To that end; make sure that you go out and vote. Talk to your friends and neighbors to spread the American spirit everywhere you can, to ensure we beat Joe Biden and the Democrats! 

Thank you for reading... United we stand

Justin, Author
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