Still Believe Trump is Anti-Military? Here's How He Stands Up for Servicemembers by Lea

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Still Believe Trump is Anti-Military? Here's How He Stands Up for Servicemembers

Still Believe Trump is Anti-Military? Here's How He Stands Up for Servicemembers


As our military’s Commander-in-Chief, the President has an important role in our country’s defense. Despite myths spread by the mainstream media in a recent smear campaign suggesting that Trump doesn’t support or respect our military, one doesn’t have to look too far to reveal that their lies were all strategic.  

Still believe their hype? 

Here’s 5 ways President Trump has indeed backed our troops since he was first elected: 

5. He Signed a $738 Billion Defense Spending Bill.

President Trump signed a National Defense bill. These funds assisted in military gear and equipment, along with pay raises, aircraft, and ballistic missile submarines.

The defense spending bill also contributes to a tremendous increase in army brigade combat team readiness.

This bill also was instrumental in establishing the new military branch, the Space Force, which consists of 16,000 air force personnel.

President Trump believes that space may be the “world’s newest warfighting domain.”  

This new military force is another addition in support of the United State’s hierarchy of the strongest military force in the world, thanks to the help of President Trump.

4. He’s Holding United States NATO Allies Accountable

The United States spends an estimated 3.4% of our gross domestic product on defense contributions to NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

In contrast, European countries in NATO only contribute 1.55% respectively. To put it in perspective, Germany spends less in an entire year than what the United States spends in one month.

Under President Trump, our allies across the oceans who benefit from being a part of NATO will be stepping up to the plate in a more meaningful way. They have agreed to increase their NATO contributions, and as a result, the United States anticipate that our contributions will drop to 16% from 22%.

Subsequently, these additional funds will be able to stay within our civilian and military budget from the United States, thanks to the increase from other countries.

President Trump encourages the alliances to reach a 4% GDP spend by 2024. Their contributions will add billions of dollars towards defense.

3. United States Taliban Agreement

In February of 2020, the United States and Taliban commenced an agreement. After nearly twenty years of troops in Afghanistan, the United States agreed to reduce troops and withdraw from five bases in Afghanistan.

This is a major step to the gradual full removal of US forces in the Middle East.  

Talks began in 2019, but President Trump remained dominant in his decision to negotiate an agreement, halting any talks when a US soldier was killed by the Taliban. 

Despite retraction of troops, the U.S forces will continue counterterrorism advancements against Al-Qaeda and ISIS.  

2. Defeat of Islamic State Leader

One of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments is the authorization for defeating and killing the world’s most wanted man.

Almost one year ago, in October of 2019, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) died by suicide bomb while being chased and cornered into a tunnel by military dogs in Syria.

The mission was carefully managed with no American lives lost (canine or human!). President Trump is dedicated to the removal and complete eradication of ISIS terrorists. 

At its prime, ISIS controlled 34,000 square miles. Since the defeat, ISIS no longer holds territory in Syria. 

1. Trump Signed the Forever GI Bill into Legislation

In 2017, President Trump signed the Forever GI bill. This stellar bill eliminates the 15 year cap on benefits.

This bill hits big in education and housing. Under the new provisions, veterans may use their benefits for education at their convenience.

Purple Heart recipients now receive 100% of the benefits for a duration of 36 months while in school. Benefits are returned if school shuts down for members.  

Family members of  soldiers receive an increase in monthly educational stipends. Previously, veterans were eligible for employment assistance under the Homeless Veteran’s Program only if they were homeless or in a shelter. Currently, veterans have up to 60 days from their move in dates to apply for services. This also applies to veterans after incarcerations.

The rumors about Trump being against our proud servicemen and women couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Let’s make sure we continue Trump’s presidency which will ensure a strong, supported military for another 4 years. 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Lea, Author
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