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Trump Wants Russia in G-8 for World Peace, Clarifies Russia's Removal

Trump Wants Russia in G-8 for World Peace, Clarifies Russia's Removal

In a press conference on the White House lawn last week, President Trump stated that he wants Russia to rejoin the G-8 to advance world peace.

When a reporter from Real Clear Politics attempted to falsely correct the President with fake news regarding Russia's withdrawal from G-8, he responded powerfully with confidence.

The reporter tried telling the President that Russia was kicked out og G-8 because they invaded Crimea, which obviously wasn't the case. President Trump corrected the fake news reporter, stating that Russia was removed from G-8 because they "outsmarted Obama".




The President went on to further explain that what really happened was Russia outsmarted Obama for the duration of his presidency, and took over Crimea as a result. 

Now that Obama is out of office and not screwing international relations up anymore, President Trump wants to speak to Putin directly in person to clear any air, saying, "I think it would be a good thing if Russia were there so we can speak directly, not have to speak by telephone and other things."

He then went on to say that it is up to the vote of the G-7 to let Russia back in, and urged everyone to let Russia back in, citing world peace and trade benefits.


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