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Trump Begins Investigating China | COVID-19 Briefing

Trump Begins Investigating China | COVID-19 Briefing

After liberals spreading fake news about people injecting themselves with disinfectant all weekend, President Trump made his triumphant return to the presidential podium on the back of a bald eagle donning a massive ballsack.

Triumphant... Donning... Get it?...

Anyways, let's get down to what you're here for.


  • Cases of Coronavirus in the following areas are in a steady decline:
    • The DC Metro Area
    • The New York Metro Area
    • Detroit
    • New Orleans
    • Houston
    • Boston
    • Denver
    • Seattle
    • Philapelphia
    • Washington DC
    • Nashville
    • Atlanta
    • St Louis
    • Indianapolis

  • The Army Corps of Engineers made over 11,000 hospital beds

  • Over 10,000 ventilators have been distributed across 50 states

  • The United States has completed over 5.4 million tests
    • This is more than double of any other country
    • 5 million kits are being manufactured every week
    • 50,000 tests are being completed daily
    • By the end of May, the United States will reach over 100,000 tests every day. AMERICA!!!

  • Starting in May, all CVS in the United States will use their stores and drive-thrus for COVID-19 testing

  • President Trump is initiating an investigation against China for manufacturing biological & economic warfare.

  • Trump knows about Kim Jung-Un's health, but can not disclose his condition.



  • The following plans are beginning to take effect:
    1. Robust Diagnostic Testing Plans: Reassuring we can overcome our standard testing & communicate efficiently about clinical care and health decision making.
    2. Timely Monitoring Systems: Help ID any new oncoming health concerns.
    3. Rapid Response Programs: Develop & execute improved isolation strategies.

Trump then mounted his bald eagle and flew into the sunset horizon to continue his search for the cure of liberalism - I mean - Coronavirus.


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