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Social Distancing Guidelines are FIRED!

Social Distancing Guidelines are FIRED!

Throughout the entirety of the Coronavirus crisis, President Trump has repeatedly said that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After yesterday's press briefing, it seems that we are starting to see flickers of that light.

I saved you an hour of your time to watch yesterday's briefing, so here's a breakdown of what was said & done.





“It’s going to be gone. It’s going to leave. It’s going to be eradicated.”


  • President Trump officially announced that the federal Coronavirus social distancing guidelines expire on Thursday, and will not be extended.

  • This is because of the United States citizens adhered to the guidelines when they were in effect, and he praised us for it.

  • Because we listened to the guidelines, hundreds of thousands of lives were saved.

"People will thrive, industries will soar, and America will rise like never before."

  • He places the blame entirely on China, claiming that it should have been stopped at the source, and because it wasn't, it's their fault.



President Trump awarded the following American citizens for outstanding behavior during the crisis:

  • Frank Miller: Donated over $5 billion to the volunteer army "Tunnels of Towers" that delivered over 1 million medical supplies.
  • TJ Kim: A high school sophomore who delivered over 10,000 medical supplies through his "Supplies Over the Skies" (SOS) Program.

  • Kyle Melman: A Post Office worker who began a service that delivered groceries to senior citizens in need.

  • Raphael Maddow & Libby Schaff: Two real estate agents who raised over $6,000 to buy food from local restaurants that fed over 500 healthcare workers.

Although Social Distancing Guidelines are expiring, the masks are still strongly recommended. 

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