The Long-Awaited '1917' WWI Trailer is Finally Here by Dan J

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The Long-Awaited '1917' WWI Trailer is Finally Here

The Long-Awaited '1917' WWI Trailer is Finally Here

Just today, the new trailer for the highly anticipated '1917' film was released.

This film will follow two soldiers portrayed by George McKay & Dean-Charles Chapman through a variety of apocalyptic wastelands and war zones on the Western Front.

The movie itself has been in production for quite some time now, with Sam Mendes at the directing helm partnered alongside Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin Entertainment. The cast itself is also impressive, boasting Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Richard Madden.

The trailer below is gripping in itself, hopefully perfectly capturing the tense & dire atmosphere of massively important and time-sensitive missions such as this in WW1. See for yourself below:


What do you think of this new film? Are you tired of war period pieces? 

Let us know in the comments!

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