President Trump Warns 'Civil War' if Impeachment Successful by Dan J

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President Trump Warns 'Civil War' if Impeachment Successful

President Trump Warns 'Civil War' if Impeachment Successful

Earlier yesterday, President Trump tweeted a quote from evangelical Southern Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress' interview on Fox & Friends. You can see the tweet below:


The good preacher has been a solid supporter of the President since his 2016 campaign, calling him a "true friend" to evangelical Christians. He is extremely revered in the Christian community, commonly stating that God has chosen Trump to lead America back into grandeur. 

The President is correct; we have fought so hard to finally have a solid Republican president in office, and for the Democrats to be so desperate to turn America into a communist socialist country by impeaching our leader is a threat to everything America believes in.



When the time comes, it's important that we Americans stand up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No longer will these tyrants try to bully us around and impose their beliefs onto others. We are red-blooded Americans, and if it comes to war to protect our homeland, so be it.





What do you think about this ridiculous impeachment scheme and the Democrats & libtards doing everything in their power to slander the President?

Let me know in the comments!

Molon labe,

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