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President Trump Delivers Exponential Economic Growth Updates

President Trump Delivers Exponential Economic Growth Updates

Yesterday afternoon, President Trump hitched a ride on Air Force 1 to Maine to deliver remarks about the incredible bounce-back of the American economy post COVID-19 shutdown.

Here's a breakdown of some unsurprising yet amazing economic updates & announcements:



  • The ongoing lobster and fisherman problem in Maine by giving 5,000 acres of harvesting water which no one can go in.

  • 20 million COVID-19 tests have been distributed in the United States.

  • At the beginning of the Coronavirus, it was estimated that 9 million jobs would be lost; only 2.5 million jobs were lost.

  • The Mexican border wall is now over 210 miles long.
    • President Trump is aiming for 400 miles of completed border wall by the end of the year.

  • President Trump wants governors to open their states as soon as possible to get the United States back on track for new upcoming year.



  • Since the Coronavirus outbreak, jobs have been created in the following sectors:
    • 1.2 million leisure and hospitalit
    • 464,000 construction
    • 424,000 education and health cars
    • 368,000 retail
    • 225,000 manufacturing

  • Next year will be the best year for U.S economy in history.

  • Vaccines are coming sooner than anticipated.

  • Puritan Medical Products will double cotton swabs production from 20 million per month to 40 million swabs per month.

  • Currently, 11 American factories are producing ventilators; thousands are being made daily.

  • America is sending ventilators to Italy, Nigeria, Spain, Russia, and more.

  • He promises to always be a loyal President & is prepared for a strong re-election.



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