Impeachment Trial Update | Trump's Defense Takes the Stage, Buries Democrats by Dan J

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Impeachment Trial Update | Trump's Defense Takes the Stage, Buries Democrats

Impeachment Trial Update | Trump's Defense Takes the Stage, Buries Democrats

The huge balls of Trump's defense team has finally graced the Senate floor, and boy did it not disappoint.

But really, how hard is it to defend an innocent man who happens to be the leader of the free world?

Nonetheless, the President's legal team marched the f%$k in, proved Trumpy's innocence, then wrapped it up with a complete slaughter of the Democrat's credibility.

To save you all the pointless bulls#!t, here's 11 hours condensed into a few bullet points:



  • The President's legal team made 15 presentations in his defense.

  • Of the 15, 10 presentations were dedicated to proving Trump's innocence.

  • For the remaining 5, Trump's legal team whipped out their massive sack and proceeded to slap the Democrat's faces with it.

  • One of Trump's attorneys, Eric Herschmann brought up the fact that President Obama committed abuse of power after he was caught on camera promising 'flexibility' on Russian policy if he were re-elected.

    He was caught on camera doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing, and nobody batted an eye.

    Herschmann was quoted as saying:

“The case against President Obama would have been far stronger than the allegations against President Trump."



  • After this, a separate Trump attorney raised the question as to why nobody was investigating the Bidens after obviously interfering with Ukranian affairs.

    The President was doing his job investigating criminal activity, and now he's on trial and they're off playing with the boyfriends somewhere? COME ON.

  • To end it, the defense team brought out the big guns; the President's personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow.

    He proceeded to absolutely demolish any shred of validity that the Democrats might have had left by pointing out the following:

    1. The FBI obtained a warrant illegally to surveil a former Trump aide.
    2. Former FBI head James Comey illegally leaked memos to a NYT reporter to serve his personal gain in launching the Mueller investigation.
    3. Mueller's team 'somehow' lost incriminating text messages between two anti-Trump FBI agents.

  • He closed with saying that if the President wasn't acquitted on these terms, it was a clear & present sign that the constitutional order of the USA is no more.

    A final quote from his closing speech:

“Danger. Danger. Danger. To lower the bar of impeachment, based on these articles of impeachment, would impact the functioning of our constitutional republic and the framework of that Constitution for generations.”


As predicted, the Democrats miserably failed, Trump's defense team shat on their allegations, and Trump is STILL YOUR PRESIDENT.



How many more tax dollars will be wasted on this?

Whoever gets closest in the comments gets a head trophy on their wall of Killary's latest victim!

(I'm kidding Hillary, please don't suicide me.)

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