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Coronavirus, Pelosi Hates America, All Praise God-Emperor Trump | State of the Union Explained

Coronavirus, Pelosi Hates America, All Praise God-Emperor Trump | State of the Union Explained

Good lord in heaven, there aren't words to express the swelling of American pride I felt in my heart when I saw President Trump grace my TV screen again.

The only thing more satisfying than watching him triumphantly stroll to the podium was his blatant snub of Nazi / Lizard Person / Communist Leader Nancy Pelosi's handshake.

After tonight, I'm fully convinced that before she rests her scaly head in her coffin every night, she bows down to her Hitler shrine right after she wipes her ass with a poorly photocopied version of the Constitution, back to front.

But I digress.

The State of the Union was long, and I understand a lot of you working Americans are busy, so here's a breakdown of the important bits & quotes from President "F$%k You I'm POTUS" Trump.

***NOTE: All images containing Nancy Pelosi have been covered by a Trump 2020 sign, intentionally.***


  • As President Trump strutted his s#!t to the podium, the entire auditorium clapped and cheered.

  • The ones who didn't unintentionally ousted themselves as Nazis. (Hey, if they can generalize us, why can't we do the same? #METOO)

  • To save himself from contracting Coronavirus, President Trump ignored Nancy "Mein Kampf" Pelosi's handshake. Nice try, communist.

  • The President opened the SOTU stating that the economy is at record highs, the nation is the strongest it's ever been, and "America is highly respected again."


“The days of our country being used, being taken advantage of, or scorned, are long behind us”



  •  The greatest military the world has ever seen has been completely re-built.

  • Since Trump's inauguration, there have been 7 million new American jobs, 10 million Americans have been taken off welfare, and an additional 7 million freeloaders have been taken off food stamps.

  • $12 trillion dollars has been added to the stock market, soaring it above 70% since Trump took office.

“Borders are secure, families are flourishing, values are renewed, pride is restored... The State of our Union is stronger than ever before”


  • The USA is now the world's #1 producer of oil and natural gas.

  • The President promised to offer vocational & trade education in every high school in America.

  • America has gained 12,000 new factories since President Trump was elected.


“Companies are not leaving, they are coming back to the USA”



  • The true Venezuelan President was present and honored by Trump directly, stating, "All Americans are with Venezuelans in their righteous struggle for freedom."

  • As promised, the President is putting American healthcare front & center, promising:
  1. Protection of Americans with pre-existing conditions.
  2. Medicare & social security will be protected from greedy politicians dipping their greasy hands into their hard-earned savings
  3. Price transparency will be required from blood-sucking insurance companies.
  4. Socialism will NEVER destroy American healthcare.
  5. Illegal immigrants will stop receiving free healthcare.



  • 500 miles of wall has been completed along the Mexican border.

  • Unlike Obama, President Trump's tackled the opiod crisis, and effectively.

  • Putting America first, as always, President Trump confirmed him and his administration are working closely with China to protect American citizens from Coronavirus.

  • Red-blooded American hero Rush Limbaugh was awarded the highest honor an American could receive; the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • Saving babies from the heartless & murderous liberals, Mr. Trump is pushing Congress to end late-term abortions and to shift $500 million of funding to neonatal research.

  • He then proceeded to praise the well-deserved ICE officers, bragging of their 120,000 arrests of illegal aliens in 2019 alone.


“The USA should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not criminal aliens... If you come illegally, you will now be promptly removed from our country”



  • Ending on a strong note, President "Super Sack" Trump closed with the following remarks that would make a bald eagle shed a single red, white, and blue tear:

“So long as I am your president I will always protect your second amendment right to keep and bear arms”

“If you attack american citizens, you forfeit your life”


I'm a grown man, and I began to choke up when he threatened those God & American-hating terrorists.

What do you think about the SOTU?

How much longer do you think Pelosi's human suit will last?

Has anyone ever heard Pence say anything besides, "Yes, Mr. President?"

When will the Democrats try to infect Trump with Coronavirus next?

Let me know in the comments!

God Bless America,

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