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DOJ Sides with Trump Regarding Personal Financial Records

DOJ Sides with Trump Regarding Personal Financial Records

Once again, the DOJ has taken the side of President Trump's battle with the House of Representatives regarding subpoenas over his personal financial records.

The fact that Trump is a private citizen is what the DOJ is using to prevent two banks from handing over the subpoenaed personal information. To top it off, they are also accusing corrupt Dem lawmakers of taking the wrong steps to seek these documents.



This is just one of many failed attempts from the House Democrats to undermine the President and begin a formal impeachment.

This past Friday, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to consider whether these banks will have to turn over Trump's information to House committees. The Justice Department heavily criticized the HOR on Monday on how the House authorized the subpoenas before taking a full House vote, and stated the House Democrats are unfairly targeting the President.

The subpoenaed information is seeking years of financial documentation about Trump, his children, and their companies, looking for money laundering and foreign influence that of course is non-existant.

Keep trying Democrats, your despair makes us look stronger.


What do you think of these relentless Dems grasping for straws? Let me know in the comments!

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