Crazed Gunman Charges Air Force Base; Is Killed by Dan J

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Crazed Gunman Charges Air Force Base; Is Killed

Crazed Gunman Charges Air Force Base; Is Killed

Earlier this Thursday morning, security forces at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam shot and killed a gate runner. The man viciously attacked officers who tried to arrest him and also stabbed a civilian security forces member.

The perp charged the front gate at around 7:35 p.m. last night. He crashed his vehicle while trying to forcefully make his way through the front gate then proceeded to abandon his vehicle, promptly scurrying into the nearby jungle, causing the base to lockdown.

Security forces and Guam police began searching for the man all night. He evaded the search party for a few hours, but was eventually found and immediately responded aggressively, attacking the officers and stabbing the civilian guard. After the guard was hurt, one of the officers shot the suspect dead.

“While apprehending a suspect, our defenders were compelled to use lethal force for their own defense, resulting in the death of the suspect,” Brig. Gen. Gentry Boswell, commander of the 36th Wing, said in the release. “We value the importance of every life and are thankful for the courage our defenders display in the safe conduct of their duties protecting our personnel and families.”


What do you think? Is this attack part of a bigger picture? 

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