Border Wall Update: Trump Adds $7.2b to Construction by Dan J

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Border Wall Update: Trump Adds $7.2b to Construction

Border Wall Update: Trump Adds $7.2b to Construction

As promised, President Trump is doing everything he can to protect the American people by building that damn wall! 

As the loony liberals and dumb dems scramble to do everything they can to let illegal immigrants into our country, President "Massive Balls" Trump is putting his proverbial foot down on the border.

Check out the latest updates on the border wall construction, how far along it is, and why we need to BUILD THAT WALL!

President Trump Diverts $7.2b of Funding to Wall




According to sources associated with the wall construction, President Trump is planning to divert $7.2b from military funding towards the southern border wall construction.

Being the intelligent businessman he is, President Trump is moving funds from the useless Defense Department construction & counterdrug projects onto something much more pressing; the security of his citizens.

This new funding would add an additional 880 miles of border wall by 2022, something this country desperately needs.


How Much of the Wall is Built?




As of writing this article, President Trump is responsible for 100 miles of wall on the southern United States border.

Most of this wall is replacing current poor construction - some of which built from old airplane parts - using extremely poor & non-effective architecture.

This is a landmark in Trump's presidency, as he is well on his way to fulfilling his promise of 450 miles built by the end of 2020. 

What is the Purpose of the Border Wall? 


Fair question; a lot of people are emotionally charged about the border wall issues, but there are 5 irrefutable reasons why we need a re-haul of the border wall.

  1. Walls Work | Simply put, although a wall won't eliminate 100% of illegal immigration, it will massively cut down the amount of illegals entering our beautiful country.

  2. Catching Terrorists | Terrorists don't catch the cheapest Spirit flight into New York; they fly into either Canada or Mexico and sneak their way in. Increased border security will catch more of these animals before they make their way onto the land of the free.

  3. Reducing Drugs & Crime | Disgusting & ultra-violent street gangs send drugs & initiates across the US/Mexico border daily. A wall will catch a lot of these low-life sons of bitches.

  4. Cutting Costs | Although the border wall is an expensive upfront investment, it will pay for itself shortly by cutting welfare funds allocated to illegal immigrants.

  5. Saving Real American Lives | Every year, border patrol officers, police officers, EMS workers, and American men, women, & children are killed by illegal immigrants. This needs to stop now.


What do you think about the border wall progress?

Is the President making solid advances?

Let me know in the comments!

God Bless America,

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