'What I Love About President Trump' African-American Pro-2A Activist & Libertarian by Dan J

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'What I Love About President Trump' African-American Pro-2A Activist & Libertarian

'What I Love About President Trump' African-American Pro-2A Activist & Libertarian

"What I love about President Trump is — right, wrong or indifferent, you're going to know exactly where he stands... And I think that the American people want more politicians in that vein".

This is a direct quote from Maj Toure, one of the most influential African-American libertarian activists in America.

To support this claim, Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter. According to his website, his movement "educates people in urban communities in all 50 states on their Second Amendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training and education." Now this is a movement that makes sense for true patriots, no matter what their race or background is.





Toure was recently featured on Fox News, where he discussed how being given this platform was an opportunity for both conservatives & libertarians to come together & find solutions to gun rights and education.

He went on to discuss how even though he was raised Democrat, he always gravitated to more conservative & liberty-based ideals. He went on to say, "...libertarian and conservative minds have some of the most deep philosophical understandings of freedom and liberty."

This man is a true patriot and Trump supporter who not only adheres by the constitution, but also aims to educate people in and out of his community about the constitution and guns rights & safety.

He ended his interview saying that more has to be done by conservatives & libertarians at the community level to educate & appeal to minority voters. He ended by saying, "The Constitution starts with, 'We the people', not the dudes behind the curtains. So strategically... when the people galvanize and the people stop saying, 'I'm gonna keep voting one particular way,' just out of habit, tradition or fear — then we'll start to get those results."




What do you think of Mr. Toure's stance on the Second Amendment?

Let me know in the comments!

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