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Trump Gives Updates on Environmental Regulation Rollbacks

Trump Gives Updates on Environmental Regulation Rollbacks

Recently President Trump held a press conference with respect to significant updates on natural guideline rollbacks.

This briefing was 60 minutes, so the patriots at Liberty Tee Shop endured the whole briefing to give you an easy to read breakdown.

  • For every new 1 new environmental regulation created, 2 were removed. As time went on, it surmounted to 8 removed for every 1 created.

  • The Historic Regulatory Relief will provide every American citizen's household an additional $3,100 a year and is predicted to grow.

  • The previous administration added over 16,000 pages of regulations:
    • Surprisingly, they were completely useless
    • These regulations from the previous administration added an additional $2,300 annual taxes to every American citizen
    • Disproportionally affected the African-American community
    • So far, Trump removed 25,000 pages of these communist regulations 


  • Economic Advisers aim to lower prices of new vehicles bought by Americans by $2,200 per vehicle and potentially up to $3,500 per vehicle in the future 

  • Cuts will also give delivery savings on broadcast internet services, home energy bills, and lower oil prices.

  • Put an end to the Clean Water Act due to the fact that idiot activists abused the act by using it to halt construction sites, harming local construction workers' livelihood


  • Vaccines and therapeutics are doing well and he predicts that America will see a positive outcome sooner rather than later

  • The Trump Administration has stopped over 740 Democratic actions which suspended regulations
    • These blocked actions would have certainly halted the response of the Coronavirus 
    • This also lifts restrictions on manufacturers 

  • Telemedicine is now available to all American patients 



  • Unsurprisingly, President Trump said that the American economy is going to be demolished by Biden’s plans to transform (i.e. fuck up) the future, including:
    • Biden and Sanders are proposing to re-open the Paris Climate Accord, which will cost American taxpayers millions 
    • Biden aims to eliminate carbon from the US energy industry 
    • Plans to eliminate the suburbs & destroy the average single-income households


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