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5 Things You Need to Know Before Attending the Presidential Inauguration

5 Things You Need to Know Before Attending the Presidential Inauguration

Making the trip to an inauguration in the United States is something that every American should aim to do at least once in their life.

No matter who you're supporting, the inaugural ceremonies of swearing in a President of the United States are historical events that will forever stay in the textbooks of young Americans for generations to come; especially this one.

Here are the top five things you need to know before heading to the U.S Capitol for this year's presidential inaugural address:

What Day is the Presidential Inauguration 2021? 

These historic events always take place on January 20. On a regular Sunday inauguration, the actual event occurs at 12 PM EST sharp.

However, in the event that the 20th falls on a Sunday, the President-elect is inaugurated privately. An additional inauguration ceremony will be held the following Monday on the 21st.


The new POTUS is inaugurated on the West Lawn of the US Capitol building.


The event is comprised of both the newly elected President and Vice President-elect swearing the oath of office, plus the former giving his or her inauguration speech.

The Joint Congressional Committee is responsible for planning & executing the event. This is especially hilarious seeing as Pelosi will be heavily responsible for planning Trump's re-election.

How Do You Get Invited to the Presidential Inauguration? Can Anyone Attend?

Because this is such a serious event, you’ll have to explain why you want to attend. In general, volunteers, civic organizations, and community leaders are given priority over normal citizens. 

If you get all the way there and can't secure tickets, you can still witness Trump being sworn in again through massive video screens on the National Mall.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tickets to the inauguration are totally free.

But because of the nature of the event, they’re normally in high demand and "sell-out" quite quickly. You can apply for tickets through your local official that represents your residential congressional district. 

Bring Snacks & Go to the Bathroom Beforehand

It’s always important to bring snacks, including water, along for the journey. While restaurants are open, it’s almost impossible to get food easily, particularly when you are packed into the plaza with the other viewers. 

Portable bathrooms are also set up but may be packed or difficult to reach. It’s recommended that you take care of your business beforehand for convenience.

Is It Easy to Travel?

Absolutely not. Aside from the streets being crowded with attendees, the government also shuts down many of the major roadways in D.C. to ensure adequate safety and security for POTUS and other important officials.


You can still walk or ride the D.C. Metro system, which is open for extended hours on Inauguration Day.


BONUS: What About the Inaugural Parade?

After the ceremony, the leader of the free world attends ceremonial parade that progresses down Pennsylvania Avenue from the US Capitol to the White House. The parade begins at 3 PM on Inauguration Day barring any delays.

It's a lot easier to see the parade since viewing it from the sidewalk is free and you don’t need a ticket (though it may still be difficult to get a good view because of how crowded the streets usually are).

As you can see, the inauguration ceremony is a busy and exciting event to attend. It’s a bit easier, in aggregate, to attend compared to something like New York City Ball Drop for New Year’s Eve.

But with the right preparation, you can attend this upcoming historical landmark and see the festivities for yourself!

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