President Trump's Top 5 Accomplishments in 2019 by Dan J

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President Trump's Top 5 Accomplishments in 2019

President Trump's Top 5 Accomplishments in 2019

2019 was a year where President Trump went in and came out swingin'.

Impeachment, my ass.

Let's end this year strong with a big middle finger to cryin' libtards by running thru some of President Trump's greatest feats of his 2019 Presidency. 


5. He Made Good on His Promise to 'Forgotten Americans' 






57% - yes, you read that right - 57% of Americans say that they are better off financially since President Trump took office.

Low wage workers are experiencing the fastest pay increases.

This year the number of unemployed workers was less than the number of job openings.

Unemployment is at a record low, and keeps getting lower.

He made good on his promise to Make AMERICA Great Again...


4. He Tightened Work Requirements for Food Stamps





As aforementioned, there is no reason why more people should not be tightening their boot straps and getting to fu#$%ng work seeing as unemployment is so low.

Work is a gift, not a life sentence.

President Trump has given this gift to millions of Americans, and although some may not see it yet, they will.


3. He Negotiated for NATO to Send More Money for Our Collective Security





Since President Trump took office, allies have increased the amount spent on defense by $130 BILLION.

(Yes, billion with a B.)

To top it off, the amount of Allies meeting their commitment to spend their fair share on defense has nearly doubled since he took office. 

Hey, you want to get s#!t done, you call in a Republican.


2.  He Took a Stand with the Citizens of Hong Kong





One of America's oldest virtues is to spread & support Democracy wherever needed. This red-blooded hero of a patriot did exactly that when the time came to make a decision on the Hong Kong protesters.

You know someone is respected among foreign leaders when all he has to do it warn them not to do something.

After good ol' 45 warned China to not use violence against the democratic protesters in Hong Kong, it didn't happen.

This crazy sonuvabitch literally told China to not do something, and they listened.

I sometimes wonder how his massive balls fit into Air Force 1.


1. He Ordered the Operation Responsible for Killing Islamic State Leader Abu Hoobah-Loobah Ding Dong.





Yeah, I know, that's not his real name, but does it matter? Do you remember the last ISIS leader's name who was killed? 


President Trump had the guts to not hesitate (unlike Obama) when ordering a high-risk mission to kill an Islamic State Leader.

Yes, it was extremely dangerous, yes he sent American sons hundreds of miles into terrorist-controlled territory, and yes he would have been to blame if it all went to hell...

But it didn't. You know why?

Cos we're the United States of America, and we have the best goddamn military the world has ever seen.

President Trump knows this, and this is why he didn't hesitate to let our boys go and get sum.




What were some of your favorite President Trump success stories from 2019?

Let me know in the comments!

God Bless America in 2020 and every other year to come,

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P.S. Ring in the New Year right by waving your flag of taking no more liberal bullshit.

No really, we have a brand-new "Trump 2020 'No More Bullshit' Flag". You can really do this.

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