Fox News Town Hall feat. Trump | Summarized by CedCommerce Collaborator

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Fox News Town Hall feat. Trump | Summarized

Fox News Town Hall feat. Trump | Summarized

This past Sunday evening, Fox News held their Town Hall segment and interviewed our fearless leader.

Surprisingly, respectful and interesting questions were asked. Unsurprisingly, no bulls#!t answers were given.

I condensed this 2 hour segment into an easy 10-minute read article to keep you informed on what actually matters.


Interviewer: "What do you say to the people who are scared of re-opening the country?"


  • People who are frightened are free to stay home and watch what happens.

  • He compared the people who are scared of reopening to people who are scared of not getting their job back & having no money.

Interviewer: Do you have advice for people who are about to lose their home, having no more food, having no money... Is there more help coming?”


  • The third financial quarter transition of 2021 will have an amazing comeback due to jobs having better pay.

"There is more help coming, there has to be."

Interviewer: "Do you think we went to far with shutting down the country?"


  • If the shutdown did not happen, America would have lost 1-5 million citizens.

“We were going to lose anywhere from 75, 80, to 100,000 people; that’s a horrible thing. We shouldn’t lose one person over this, this should’ve been stopped in China. It should’ve been stopped.”

Interviewer: "From what you’ve learned from this, how you’ve dealt with it now, if it comes up in the fall, you’ll do something different?”


  • He said that the government has learned a lot and will rid whatever comes up swiftly and efficiently.

Interviewer: “What kind of federal protocols are going to be put in place for testing to ensure that my potential customers and staff feel safe? When people are leaving or coming from a different state that doesn’t have the same testing, are we going to feel safe?”


  • It depends on where you come from; Certain states will have to take more time to open up again.

  • You can go to places like beaches and parks and keep your distance while doing so.



Interviewer: “Do you think as deaths are going up and cases are going up, that we really are on the other side medically, and that this is a great success story from the federal government?"


  • Trump had a meeting with all the governors and asked if they needed more of anything; they said they needed nothing. Now, they are asking and complaining about how they don’t have the supplies they needed.

  • The Metro NYC will be wearing masks for quite some time.

  • Overall, it's too early to tell. We're still in the middle of this thing.

“Some states have been doing a better job than others. In some states you can do a lot less than other states.”

COVID-19 Survivor from the audience: “How are we going to make sure we have enough Remdesivir available for everybody?” (Drug that helps fight the virus.)


  • He is very confident that we'll have a vaccine by the end of the year seeing as the federal government is pushing the cure hard.

School teacher from the audience: "Are there any ideas for teachers to get back into our classrooms?"


  • Online schooling has proven to be an efficient and safe way to continue education, especially for teachers over 60.

Interviewer: “Are you going to urge the nations universities and schools to go back in September?”


  • He urges universities to open as soon as it's safe, this shouldn't go on any longer than it already has.

  • 1 study shows Hydroxychloroquine is tied with some cardiac problems, but has significantly helped A LOT people survive.

Question from the Public - “It’s been widely reported that the threat of Coronavirus was included in your daily intelligence briefings for weeks prior to the first confirmed case in the U.S. Can you please explain to us why you did not act sooner to prepare this country for this pandemic?”


  • The CIA told him that this virus was not important and was no threat.

  • On January 23, he was told there could be a virus coming into the U.S. Shortly after this, he closed the country from China.



Interviewer: “So when you did stop traveling from China, about 40,000 people came back to this country… You said they were tested, who tested them and where?”


  •  The people who came in were tested in the USA thoroughly, especially those who went to Florida. Some were also put into quarantine.

Interviewer: “Do you think you are bringing the country back together?”


  • Winning will bring this country back together, and we are winning against the invisible enemy. So, yes.

Interviewer: “There’s a race to win for the vaccine between countries in the world, so pushing this vaccine development in order to get it to go faster leads to human trials and volunteering to basically inject themselves with COVID-19. Are you concerned about the ethics or the risk of that in that push?”


"No, because they’re volunteers, they know what they are getting themselves into.”

  • He doesn't care about an imaginary race for a vaccine; he just wants one for the American people, and is working with Australia and the UK to do so.

Question from the Public - “How can we manage to keep working with a very slim profit margin to begin with and absorb the shortage price increase at this point?”


  • Due to the Defense Production Act, the supply chain will be in excellent shape. The level of supply and demand is tremendous.



Teacher from the audience: “What will be done both in the short term and long term to protect the vulnerable in senior home, nursing homes, and assisted living centers?”


  • He is on the forefront of a legislation that will restrict the amount of residents in a nursing home.

Interviewer: “How concerned are you about hospitals that are not dealing with COVID-19 and they are letting people go?”


"We have to get elective surgery and let them go back."

  • Hospitals need to open up again to make up for lost revenue due to the virus.

Question from the Public: “The Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting communities of color, what will your administration do to address this?


  • African American, Asian American, and Hispanic Americans are more affected than any other. He wants to get to the bottom of this problem and will work hard to fix it.

Question from the Public: “If you are elected for a second term, what’s your plan to be more physically responsible, to either reduce or eliminate the deficit in response to increase the federal spending for the Coronavirus stimulus packages?”


  • The United States has billions of dollars coming in from other countries, and is putting taxes on countries that have taken advantage of the US, especially CHINA.


Interviewer: “Why are all of the antibiotics made in China?”



  • This is due to the disgraceful Obama Administration. Ireland is also making our drugs.

  • He wants the vaccine to be made in AMERICA and not CHINA!


Question from the Public: “How will you respond to the joblessness while also ensuring our infrastructure is better than ever?”


  • Payroll tax cuts & rebuilding American infrastructure.


  • The only way to eliminate unemployment is to re-open America.

  • If the American people continue to follow the Presidential Guidelines, we can re-open.


Question from the Public: “Would you consider permanently or temporarily reducing or eliminating tariffs?”


  • Absolutely not. The current tariffs have given $19 billion to American farmers.

  • The US is losing $500 billlion every year to CHINA due to CHINA ripping off America.


Interviewer: “Are you considering new tariffs on China as punishment for their handling of the virus?”


  • Potentially, yes. The U.S. has been paying $450 million to World Health Association, but CHINA has only been paying $38 million; this needs to change.



Question from the Public - “Is there enough evidence that China misled the global community by the Coronavirus? If so how would we respond?”


  • Soon, American Intelligence will provide a report of what they thanks happened with the Coronavirus spread. It will include CHINA.

Interviewer: “Do you think it was made by somewhere or a mistake?”




  • Yes, it was CHINA! The Chinese tried to cover it up by stopping travel within China, but not restricting people coming in or out.


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