A Medal of Honor Recipient so Bada$$ That He Now Has a Comic Book About His Service by Daniel Jacobs

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A Medal of Honor Recipient so Bada$$ That He Now Has a Comic Book About His Service

A Medal of Honor Recipient so Bada$$ That He Now Has a Comic Book About His Service


Every service man and woman has an amazing story to tell. Heroism, bravery, and selflessness of our prized armed forces can never be understated.

But there are some that are so crazy, so brazen, and so patriotic, their story must be heard. So is the case with Roy Benavidez, the story of a Special Forces staff sergeant who became something of a Green Beret superhuman after his incredible service in Vietnam on May 2, 1968.

The story begins when Benavidez volunteered to assist in retrieval of 12 reconnaissance personnel who were trapped by roughly 1,000 North Vietnamese near the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Shortly after arriving, Benavidez saw that the wounded were unable to approach the pick-up zone for the helicopter he had boarded. He then directed the pilot to a clearing, f#%&ing jumped out of the helicopter, and ran thru 75 yards of intense weapon fire towards the recon team, being shot in the leg, head, and face. 

Still, he pushed onward.

Completely ignoring his own injuries, Benavidez treated other wounded soldiers and tossed smoke canisters, signaling the waiting aircraft.

He then went to retrieve classified documents from the fallen team leader, and was shot in the abdomen and hit in the back from grenade shrapnel.

Still, he pushed onward.

Shortly after he gathered the info, the rescue copter crashed and the pilot was killed. Without hesitation, Benavidez rushed to the wreckage, assisted the wounded, and organized the rest of the team into a defensive parameter, being shot again in the thigh.


After this, he began carrying men who could not walk to another helicopter that had landed. During his second trip, he was stabbed by a bayonet from a North Vietnamese combatant, ripped out the goddamned bayonet, and stabbed his attacker to death.

When everything was said and done and everyone was in the copter, Benavidez had lost so much blood that the doctor zipped him up in a bodybag, presuming him to be dead. 

After another doctor checked on the supposedly deceased soldier, he spat blood in his face, signaling that he indeed was still kicking.

It was this amazing story that earned him his own graphic novel soon to hit shelves.

But seriously, how badass is that? It doesn't get any more serious than that.

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