4 Reasons Why You Should Arm Yourself Now by Justin

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4 Reasons Why You Should Arm Yourself Now

4 Reasons Why You Should Arm Yourself Now

Americans across the country are arming themselves in much greater numbers than ever before. 

There’s some good sense to this, in light of recent events and increased dangers for regular citizens.  

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should arm yourself now, instead of waiting for when it may be too late:

4. Gun Control May Get More Intense

For starters, the Democrats are almost assuredly going to try to make gun control even more oppressive than it already is.

They’re gearing up for legislation that may make it difficult- if not impossible- to acquire even basic handguns sooner or later.

Right now, their target is AR-15s and similar rifles (since they erroneously refer to these as “assault rifles”). But how long until they go for more guns? 

In our mind, it’s better to get any types of firearms or ammunition that you can now, especially since any future legislation may only require owners to pay fees rather than turn in weapons altogether.  

But, that same legislation may make it impossible to get new guns of one type or another. 

3. Riots Might Get Worse

The riots that are wracking the country may become even worse over time, particularly as we get closer to November. 

We don’t want it to be so, but bad actors on both sides might try to escalate things, and riots are tricky monsters that can turn against anyone, regardless of your political affiliation.

Riots are no joke, and it’s always wise to have a way to protect yourself against a mob.

If things get physical, the only thing that might drive them away is a firearm, not your fists or any amount of martial arts training. 

2. The Earlier You Practice, the Better

There’s also a bit of wisdom in arming yourself now as opposed to later, because you’ll be able to get more practice in before (if) things get bad. 

Think of it this way – if you arm yourself and start practicing now, you might be able to get several weeks or months of familiarizing yourself with your firearm, before all hell potentially breaks loose.  

During this time, you can perfect your shot and self-defense techniques.

If things get crazy – and they very well might – you won’t be a new gun owner with barely any knowledge of how to operate your new firearm. You’ll be proficient with it. But only if you buy now.

1. You Might Need One Tomorrow

This reason doesn’t have anything to do with current events. Instead, it’s just common sense.

The best time to get a gun is yesterday, but the second best time is right now. 

After all, you might need a firearm sooner than you think.

Having a gun gives you a self-defense weapon, and prevents anyone from taking it away anytime soon.

Lock ‘N’ Load

Ultimately, we think anyone who’s looking toward the future will consider buying a firearm now rather than later.

The fact of the matter is, we don't know how things will shake out, either leading up to November or immediately after.

But, you do have control over how you prepare – be smart and go gun shopping now.

Thank you for reading... United we stand.

Justin, Author
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