4 Reasons Why Trump is So Hard on China by Lea

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4 Reasons Why Trump is So Hard on China

4 Reasons Why Trump is So Hard on China


A long-standing hostility between the United States and Chinese government has heightened under the Trump administration.

Within the past ten years, the seriousness of the threat China poses to U.S. interests has drastically increased, with a new counterintelligence investigation opening every 10 hours.

FBI Director Chris Wray stated China is by far the greatest threat to the U.S national security, stating that China is a threat to America’s innovation, economic security and democratic ideas.

He then continued to state the FBI is currently investigating 2,000 cases tracing back to China.

All of this isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s take a look at the real reasons why Trump is so hard on China, regardless of what Beijing Biden or the Mainstream Marxist Media might say.

4. Spreading Misinformation & Heavy Censorship

China’s search engines are intensely censored and firewalled from receiving information from the rest of the world.

Foreign owned media needs approval from the Chinese government as a means to publish and even blocks certain Apple’s iTunes movie and iBooks apps.

The CCP also does not allow freedom of religion, restricting religious practices to five faiths and only allows government approved churches.

3. Unfair Trade Deals

Not only is China a severe threat to national security, the trade deals with China needed incalculable amounts of improvement.

In 2019, President Trump announced an increase of 25% on Chinese import tax of clothing and electronics, an increase from 10%.

In response, China imposed tariffs on more than 500 U.S products and decreased the value of the Yuan, which resulted in President Trump calling them a “currency manipulator.”

When the Yuan loses value, it decreases the potency of Trump’s tariffs.

At the direction of the Trump administration, Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer for the largest Chinese telecommunication provider, Huawei was arrested in Canada for violations of trade sanctions.

2. 5G Espionage

In retaliation, Huawei sued the U.S for restricting federal agencies from using the products. President Trump then discouraged other countries in building 5G networks with China.

Two Chinese hackers were indicted on charges of spying on the Coronavirus vaccine research, which led to President Trump ordered the closing of the consulate in Houston.

In response, China then ordered the closing of the US consulate in Chengdu.

1. Informational & Biological Warfare

With the heavy censorships and lack of communication from foreign media, China informed the rest of the world about COVID-19 at a laggard pace.

The pandemic has only heightened tensions, causing an invaluable amount of damage to the U.S. economy and a tremendous disruption to the lives of American citizens.

As you can see, the President and the American people have more than enough ammunition to be hard on China.

Their destructive ideologies & complete disregard for not only the American public but their own citizens warrants a full-fledged response.

Be sure to REGISTER TO VOTE, election day is just over a month away.

Thank you for reading, united we stand.

Lea, Author
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