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Trump Visits Victims of Sunday's Shooting at Miami Valley Hospital

Trump Visits Victims of Sunday's Shooting at Miami Valley Hospital

The President and his first lady took time out of their Dayton visit today to visit the victims from Sunday's shooting in the Orgeon District.

“You had God watching. I want you to know we’re with you all the way,” Trump was quoted when speaking to one of the victims.

It was reported that the President and Melania were stopping in between rooms and also praising the dedicated hospital staff.

He was also quoted as saying he will be meeting with first responders and law enforcement as well.



Mayor Whaley, the mayor of the town where the shooting took place, has been vocally against Trump and his visits, but reluctantly accepted him and his wife. After meeting with the President, Trump was quoted as saying the conversation "couldn't have been nicer."

Even after taking time to visit victims of this tragedy, libtards and dems protested the President's visit outside of City Hall.

When asked about gun reform, Trump was quoted, "I'm looking to do background checks. I don't want to put guns in the hands of mentally ill people." Seems reasonable to us.


What do you think? Will these dems accept any act of kindness from Trump, or will the continue to be ravenous, mindless animals?

Let us know in the comments!

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