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Superman is Now a Navy SEAL in Latest Re-imagining Comic Origin Story

Superman is Now a Navy SEAL in Latest Re-imagining Comic Origin Story

Finally, we're getting a Superman origin story that doesn't give us a "What If?" of Clark Kent being a Russian commie bastard. In the latest origin story from Frank Miller, Clark Kent is enlisting in BUD/S training as an E-1.

"Superman: Year One" was just released this past Monday, the 18th, so we won't give away any spoilers, just a few key points.




This new story completely re-writes this iconic superhero's story, but most notable makes him an American patriot, finally. Also, he's not going to be the typical mild-mannered Clark Kent any longer. He's more confident and alpha, trying to prove himself as a man and also score with the ladies.


This new version of the man of steel is eager to show off his powers and will do so to win. He wants to kick ass and take names, unfearing of what the general public will think of him, or what his father says about holding his powers back. He holds the lead position in his SEAL training class and has an impeccable sharp-shooter score.





This new turn in events with Superman's origin is no surprise, seeing as the author, Frank Miller, is an avid American patriot and is extremely supportive of the military. Both of his parents served in WWII and he isn't shy to express his support.


What do you think of the new Superman? Let me know in the comments!

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