Grand Theft Auto Online’ Has A New Update With ‘Military-Grade’ Cars by Kate Kosov

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Grand Theft Auto Online’ Has A New Update With ‘Military-Grade’ Cars

Grand Theft Auto Online has been expanding at a fairly regular rate, and the latest update brings the game back to its roots, in a way. You’re once again stealing cars as a job. The difference is this time you’re stealing exotic cars, and you’re doing it in bulk to sell them to overseas crooks. Oh, and you also can get a bunch of fancy new weaponized cars for doing this!

Part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, and yes, they updated an update, basically it’s what it sounds like; jack cars, sell cars, use the money to buy fancier cars, which you can now store in a 60-car garage in your skyscraper. Underneath that skyscraper are military vehicles like a semi with a cow-catcher, a dune buggy with a wedge shaped steel body for flinging cop cars out of the way, and an amphibious ATV that lets you drive into the water from the beach while giving the finger to the police.

In other words, it’s classic GTA, and a reminder that Rockstar is making money hand over fist off a game it put out three years ago. Hey, at least we know that means Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t lack for funding!

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