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Breaking: Turkey Accidentally Bombs U.S. Special Forces in Syria

Breaking: Turkey Accidentally Bombs U.S. Special Forces in Syria

A horrible tragedy occurred in Syria just a few hours ago.

Newsweek has reported that a group of U.S. special forces troops have been bombed by Turkey. Earlier this afternoon, American troops were inadvertently caught in the crossfire as Turkey attacked positions held by Kurdish militias.

It was reported that the Americans were about to fire back before deciding to retreat.

After this nightmare incident, a senior Pentagon official was quoted as saying that Turkey now must know where all U.S. troops are located "down to the grid." It is not yet known how many Americans were bombed at this location, but it is estimated to be somewhere between 15 - 100.



Reuters has reported that the explosion occurred near a U.S. military outpost near Kobane, Syria, but that no American personnel were injured.

CNN is reporting that shells landed within a few hundred meters of an American position.

This horrific accident is a sharp escalation added to an already extremely tense crisis, seeing as President Trump just moved U.S. troops from protected positions inside of Syria to clear way for a Turkish advance against the Kurds.


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