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A Portion of Every Sale Goes to Patriotic Causes! ❤️🎗️

Patriotic Shoes

Shop libertee Shop American Patriotic Shoes. Our shoes are stylish, comfortable and a perfect match for everyday wear. With our double-padded sided liners, they provide exceptional support and stability for training, long-distance walking or a casual day at the park. They are stylish as they are comfortable. Each design is unique that will make you smile every time you lace them up.

Libertee Shop was founded in 2018 by hardcore American patriots, who love beer, guns, and freedom. At first, we started designing for ourselves and after a few designs went viral, we knew we had something. During 8 coffees and 3 trips to the local gun range, we suddenly launched LIbertee Shop with a genius three-part marketing plan. We believe that you should be proud of who you are and not apologize for the love of your country and military.

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