Trump's Latest Updates on Vaccine Developments | White House Press Briefings | Friday, May 15, 2020 by CedCommerce Collaborator

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Trump's Latest Updates on Vaccine Developments | White House Press Briefings | Friday, May 15, 2020

Trump's Latest Updates on Vaccine Developments | White House Press Briefings | Friday, May 15, 2020

In his relentless and unforgiving war on The Invisible Enemy & The Lying Media, President Trump just released some vital vaccine updates while putting rude reporters in their place.

The #TRUMP2020 team at Liberty Tee Shop watched & recorded this briefing to keep our fellow Americans up-to-date on THE TRUTH!

Here's everything you need to know in a quick & easy-to-read breakdown.



“I just want to make something clear, it’s very important, vaccine or no vaccine we’re back.”


  • Most states have begun the re-opening process under his supervision.

  • There will be a large focus on senior citizens & senior centers.

  • Today, Secretary Purdue and Ivanka Trump set up the "Families and Farmers Food Box Program", which will give $3 billion to help small farmers and provide food to Americans in need.

  • 350,000 Americans are now being tested daily.

  • On January 11th, scientists at the NIH will begin the first vaccine trials.


  • The HHS & NIH have been working to develop over 100 potential COVID-19 treatments alongside private industries.

  • The FDA has approved 130 safe therapies for active trials.

  • The next stage of Coronavirus medical advancement will be called "Operation Warp Speed".
    • Under this initiative, the United States will be working with different nations to test around 100 vaccine candidates.
    • Everything will be manufactured in the United States.



  • The team behind "Operation Warp Speed" is composed of:
    • Dr. Peter Marks of the FDA for vaccines
    • Dr. Janet Woodcock for therapeutics
    • Dr. Bruce Tromburg of NIH for diagnostics

  • The DOD & HHS announced that earlier this week, contracts were drawn to manufacture hundreds of millions of needles & syringes in America.

  • He assured that the final vaccine will be affordable to all Americans.



Question from the Press: “When you said, ‘Vaccine or no vaccine we will open up again,” What did you mean by that?”


  • If the virus ever flares up again, he is determined to get rid of it as soon as possible, and believes there will be a vaccine shortly.




Question from the Press: “I heard that the vaccine typically would take 12 to 18 months to develop. What makes you think this will work at the speed you are convinced the vaccine will be discovered?”


  • The journey of trying to find the vaccine started in January, so from then to almost the end of the year should be a perfect time to have a vaccine.

  • Private companies and the government has been working together on the vaccine to speed up the process.




Question from the Press: “Is there a global competition to develop this vaccine like France develops the first, will they share it with us?”


  • France will potentially share the vaccine with America.

  • Says he is allies with countries and not allies with others, but will work with them despite their disagreements.




Question from the Press: “Do you have a problem that any concerns about the Abbotts tests, given some of the new numbers that have come out about it?”


  • He is supportive of Abbotts tests. If you are unsure about the test, you can retake it to reassure if it’s positive or negative.




Question from the Press: “What happens if China becomes the country that develops the vaccine? Will the U.S still have access to that vaccine?”


“I would say the answer to that would be yes.”




Question from the Press: “Why are some of you wearing a mask and why are some of you not wearing a mask?”


  • All of the people who walked in with me have been tested.

  • We are outside in the Rose Garden getting fresh air, and we are separated enough for us to be as safe as possible.

  • He gave all cabinet members the option to wear the masks or not.



Question from the Press: “Would a U.S vaccine be available to the rest of the world at an affordable rate?”


  • Says everyone is looking for the vaccine, the last thing that would be on their mind is profit.




Question from the Press: “It has been three months since you have signed the China trade deal between what’s happened with Coronavirus and the lagging agricultural purchases. Are you at any point considering reimposing additional tariffs on China or tearing up the deal in any way?”


“I don’t want to talk about it, but I can say China is buying a lot of our product but the trade deal, the ink was barely dry when this came in from China, so it’s not like we’re thrilled.”




Question from the Press: "The death is at about 86,000 Americans. Do you think that is accurate, or do you believe it is higher than that?”


“One death is too many”

  • He does not know, and he assumes it is correct.

  • 186 countries are now affected by this pandemic, and now Russia is being hit hard by the virus.

  • Continues to blame China for the outbreak, and rightfully so.


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