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How Long Until Democrats Blame the Coronavirus on President Trump?

How Long Until Democrats Blame the Coronavirus on President Trump?

After this week of Democrats making outright ridiculous demands and getting kicked in the teeth by the Senate, it makes me wonder if they'll get desperate enough to blame the Coronavirus on the President of the United States.

Today was the end of Week 2 of the President's impeachment trial, and as expected, he's going to continue to STILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT!


You've probably heard a bunch of terrible s#!t from Democratic news outlets, so here's what really happened today, and where we go from here. 

What Dumb S#!t Did the Democrats Try to Pull Today?



Dumb Dems requested the following demands:

  • Amendment to subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair and White House, OMB, DOD and State Department.

  • Amendment to Subpoena John Bolton.

  • Amendment to subpoena Bolton, provided further that there be one day for a deposition presided over by Chief Justice, and one day for live testimony before the Senate, both of must occur within 5 days of adoption of the underlying resolution.

  • Amendment to require the chief justice to rule on motions to subpoena witnesses and documents, and to rule on any assertion of privilege.


The amendments the Senate accepted, voted yes on, or passed:

NONE. 0%.



Since the Senate has common sense and a sense of morality, none of the Democrat's amendments were passed.

So When Does This Waste of My Tax Dollar End?



  • Trial will begin again on Monday for a 4-hour pissing contest.

  • After the floors are mopped, senators will have an opportunity to present final thoughts on the Senate floor.

  • On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on to charge or acquit the President of the charges.

  • Finally, Hillary suicides somebody who was going to leak that she was the cause of the Coronavirus outbreak.


Thank god this waste of my goddamn time is over.

Do you think the President's tears are the cure for the Coronavirus, and since he never cries, we're all doomed to a horrendous death?

Let me know in the comments!

Author, definitely doesn't think Hillary is guilty of anything
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