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3 Ways the Democrats Tried to Rig the Election

3 Ways the Democrats Tried to Rig the Election

The presidential election is always a time of political upheaval and stress.  

But, it’s also important that both sides play fairly and allow the election to proceed without tampering. 

Unfortunately, one side of our political system – the Democrats – has already tried to influence the election’s outcome unfairly.  

Let’s break down how they’ve done so thus far…

The Democratic Primary

How can anyone forgive how the Democrats essentially stole the Democratic primary nomination from Bernie Sanders?  

Let’s not forget how much more powerful a candidate Sanders was compared to Joe Biden.  

But the fact of the matter is that, despite Sanders’ appeal to both many major liberals and even some conservatives (since Sanders is from gun rights-friendly Vermont), he lost. 


Because the liberals basically stole the primary election from Sanders through a targeted campaign of media blasting and false advertisements.  

They wanted Joe Biden as their candidate since Biden is much more pro-establishment than Sanders ever was.  

Now, there are some who say that Sanders was never going to win – he was simply too much of an outsider to get the job done.

But do we all remember how much of an outsider Trump was? He still won the presidential election.  

Ultimately, the Democrats’ desire for Biden might end up shooting them in the foot when Trump wins this November.

Russian Interference

The Democrats are also trying to rig the election through their media circus act.  

They’re constantly talking about Russian interference and intervention, just like they did with the last election.

Even though Trump was elected fairly by all accounts. 

It seems that the Democrats just can’t accept defeat gracefully under any circumstances.  

Instead, they’re already banging their war drums and talking about how the Russians are interfering and planting false votes (somehow… They never explain exactly how). 

Chances are high that, when Trump wins the election, they’ll claim that the Russians rigged the vote even though it’s likely that the Democrats are the ones trying to unduly influence the political process. 

Talk about muddying the political waters! 

Mail-In Votes

Lastly, the Democrats are currently embroiled in a big campaign to get mail-in voting passed throughout the country, and to be the go-to choice for every qualified voter.  

While Americans should have the opportunity to vote by mail if absolutely necessary, there’s also no denying that mail-in voting is much more dodgy than citizens showing up at the polls. 

Mail-in voting is much more subject to tampering and voter fraud, especially since people can just make votes and add them to the count to be mailed in. 

It’s safe to say that the Democrats are likely planning some kind of voter fraud or election rigging using the mail-in voting system.

We’re Onto You, Dems.

All in all, we don’t have any solid proof that the Democrats are rigging the election at this time.

But that doesn’t stop our suspicions, especially when you consider the previous three efforts we just outlined above.  

Pay attention to the news this November to see how things evolve – and when Trump wins... Expect a big ruckus from the talking heads on CNN!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin, Author
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