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3 Reasons Why Mail-In Voting is So Easy to Manipulate

3 Reasons Why Mail-In Voting is So Easy to Manipulate


Recently, the Democratic Party has been making a fuss about mail-in voting, citing more coronavirus concerns.

But while wanting people to be safe is admirable, advocating for widespread mail-in voting is totally foolhardy due to the security risks inherent in the process. 

Let’s break down the top three reasons why mail-in voting is so easy to manipulate for any bad actor.

Many Ballots Won’t Be Used, Opening the Door to Fraud

For starters, mail-in voting will cause tons of ballots to flood the postal system.  

The fact is that a vast majority of mail-in ballots are never opened or even responded to, which means that the post office places them back into circulation. You can see the problem. 

All it would take is one bad actor in a post office to fill out a bunch of mail-in votes, artificially inflating the score of either candidate.

This is just too easy to abuse, since most people simply won’t take advantage of mail-in voting if we offer it to everyone without asking. 

A much better suggestion is to just offer mail-in ballots to those who request them, perhaps using a website and an application form.

Mail-In Ballots Are Easier to Change

Of course, mail-in votes are also a bad idea because they are much easier to change.  

Modern polling stations are electronic, which means each vote is protected using many layers of digital security.

Furthermore, the polling stations are overseen by people from both parties, so there’s not as much opportunity for shenanigans or vote manipulation

In contrast, mail-in ballots are much easier to change.  

Again, one bad actor postal office worker could upset our entire system. But even beyond the post office, any advocacy group or hard-core right or left-wing organization could steal mail-in ballots from mailboxes in a city or neighborhood and artificially change the votes before mailing them in. 

There’s a world of difference between electronically placing your vote so that it’s immediately counted and placing your vote and letting it sit in your mailbox for days on end before it’s collected. One of these methods is much more vulnerable than the other.

Mail-In Votes Can Be Duplicated

Lastly, mail-in ballots can be duplicated far too easily by anyone with the right technology.  

The Democrats like to say that such ballots won’t be replicable or fakeable, but we all know the truth. All it takes is one person from within the Republican or Democratic parties to leak the ballot template and it’ll be just hours until someone comes up with an identical copy.

That copy can easily be distributed to bad actors throughout the country, who can use it to flood the voting system with fake ballots. This can artificially inflate the scores of either candidate.

The Wrap Up

In the end, mail-in voting is a great idea if done in moderation and properly supervised.  But we just don’t have the infrastructure or security to facilitate mail-in voting for every citizen (of which there are well over 300 million!). 

Allowing everyone to participate in mail-in voting is sure to lead to widespread election fraud that will cast the election’s results into doubt.  

Hopefully, this doesn't come to pass, as we all want a fair election and results that we can count on come election night!

Thank you for reading... United we stand

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